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According to the anime Usagi (Bunny, Serena, Serenity--whoever you want to call her) mentions on several occassions from the SMS season upward that she wants to further her relationship with Mamoru. Not only that, but according to the manga--right from the early volumes--Mamoru asked Usagi to stay the night and there are several scenes where Mamoru's tempting Usagi or they're in bed together. So I (like a few others) am just playing on that and writing fanfiction about it. If you don't like it--go somewhere else!

What I will NOT tolerate. . . There are several things I DO find degrading, these are actually listed in the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and if I find them, I'll delete them, so make sure you read the AUP carefully!


What happened to Moonation.Org?
The server that Moonation.Org was on, somehow went down after getting a virus and the owner decided due to extensive costs, the server will no longer be active. So I switched servers.
Now after an entire month or so, I've FINALLY started to get my site back online.


Will Crystal Rose be back?
Of course! It was one of my favourite subdomains running off Moonation.Org and generated ALOT of traffic and fans. There's no way I'd dream of leaving Crystal Rose out of the reupload!

The Fruits Basket Fanlistings and fanfiction
The Fruits Basket (Furuba) fanlistings that I own:
- Fruits Basket Fanfiction - Sohma Hatori & Honda Tohru - Sohma Hatsuharu & Honda Tohru; will return without a hitch (I hope) along with the fanfiction archive which I'm now going to open to fans!