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Subsequent to this I started to address other areas of my life that needed changing, always with a view to improving my chances of survival. I did not become a 'martyr to the cause' but made changes at a steady pace as and when I was able. First on my hit list was improving my diet further. I became fascinated with the subject of nutrition and it is, of course, the one area where we have the most control. Along the way I cleared up a number of other health issues that had plagued me in previous years - they would make good reading for a hypochondriac: an underactive thyroid, digestive problems, pre-menstrual swings, yeast infections and others. I believe that addressing all my health issues is what really made the difference, because these are not isolated processes that have no bearing on each other. By addressing the whole I am sure I was putting myself in the best possible position to avoid succumbing to breast cancer again, either with the original cancer spreading (if any microscopic amounts were left after hospital treatment) or new cancers having the opportunity to develop. I also addressed other key areas which I believe made a difference. I learned all about stress, its impact on the body and ways to make changes, some of which were quite radical. And I am still evolving. After fits and starts, I have been much better about taking regular exercise in the last two years and since remarrying and becoming pregnant with our son, he has been the catalyst I needed to get really serious about ensuring that most of our food comes from organic sources. In the first half of my forties, I feel physically much better than in the second half of my twenties.